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About company

"PLASTIC-ALYANS» company was founded in 2001.
Company's field of activity:
Main scope of activity of the "PLASTIC-ALYANS" company is production of profiles and other polycarbonate products.
Production is manufactured via extrusion method on modern high-tech equipment. We use polycarbonate raw material from the world best manufacturers, such as DOW, GE Plastics, Bayer, Mitsubishi.
Besides transparent design each product type can be toned (blue, green, turquoise, bronze) and light-diffusing (white opal). Max. length of profiled products – 12000 mm.
Advantages of the company:
Profiles in Russia are manufactured from different materials including polymeric materials. The advantage of "PLASTIC-ALYANS" in the first place is that production is manufactured from plastic with unique characteristics and fields of application which is called polycarbonate. Briefly about raw material. Polycarbonate is transparent "antivandal" polymeric material combining glass transparency and steel strength with characteristics typical for plastics which are lightness, moisture resistance, resistance to corrosion and simplicity of processing (cutting, drilling). At the same time high burning resistance and unique wide application temperature range (from -50 to +120°) are the advantages against other transparent polymeric materials.
The second advantage is not less unique product assortment. Third is the popularity of manufactured production on the Russian market. Forth is reliable partner reputation and operability in order execution.
Our objectives:
In 2001 "PLASTIC-ALYANS company for the first time in Russia has set manufacture of polycarbonate profiled products. Company has started activity from manufacturing transparent profiles for mounting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets which has amazingly growing popularity. Production of Russian polycarbonate mounting system was essential because the quality and the appearance of the translucent structures from honeycomb polycarbonate are directly depending from observation necessary mounting rules (aesthetically closing of panel ends and protection them against dust and moisture, waterproof "floating" panel connection etc.). During manufacture setting several difficulties raised but highly skilled specialist in polycarbonate, equipment and extrusion workflow and also talented designers brought us to excellent results.
First polycarbonate production of "PLASTIC-ALYANS" company is transparent end and connective profiles. They were highly appreciated by leading multi-wall polycarbonate sheets selling companies, designers and constructors, and also outdoor advertising manufacturers widely using this material for signboards and light boxes production, building elevation appearance, interior and exhibition structures creating. At the present time "PLASTIC-ALYANS" company produces complete range of profiles for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting with thicknesses from 4 to 25 mm. These are:
  • End profiles
  • Connective solid (nonseparable) profiles
  • Connective separable profiles "POLYSCREP"
  • Angle profiles
  • "CADILLAC" cap for aluminium connective profiles
  • Ridged profile
In addition to this mounting systems assortment component parts are offered which are produced via casting method from special-made polyethylene adapted for outdoor usage. These are:
  • Thermowashers
  • Miniwashers
Today needed thickness, transparency degree and color of the honeycomb polycarbonate panel corresponding "PLASTIC-ALYANS" profiles and thermowashers are used for sure and aesthetical mounting of translucent screens, sheds, clerestories, atriums, overlappings for sport buildings, railroad platforms and stations, car parks and gas stations, public transports stops and kiosk roofs, easily mounted swimming pool pavilions, display booths, hothouses and many other structures (see Our publications – «Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets – new features» ).
"PLASTIC-ALYANS" staff is ready to contact and to discuss new projects and any forms of cooperation regarding manufactured production (see CONTACTS ).
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