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Connective solid profile for mounting sheets, panels and plates with thickness 4-10 mm

The easiest and cheapest way to connect multi-wall polycarbonate sheets with each other and at the same time to structure frame is solid polycarbonate connective profile. It is especially popular in building small structures, such as seasonal hothouses. Transparent unbreakable solid profiles are also used in outdoor advertising and interior structures production for safe and at the same time imperceptible multi-wall polycarbonate sheets connection and other plastics. For panels with different thicknesses profiles with correspondent slots are produced. At the same time only these connective profiles are suitable for multi-wall polycarbonate professional mounting with thickness 4 mm.

"POLYSCREP" profile for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting with thicknesses 6, 8, 10 and 16 mm.

Connective polycarbonate profile "POLYSCREP" provides easy mounting and quick and secure "floating" fastening of panels to translucent structure frame. It consists of two parts: lower - "base" and upper - snapping "cap". «POLYSCREP 16 mm» is intended for mounting of multi-wall polycarbonate with thickness 16 mm, and «POLYSCREP 6-10 mm» is universal: it has latches on two levels which allow to connect panels with thickness 6 mm at lower position, and panels with thicknesses 8 and 10 mm in upper position. These profiles are used in all structures but actually indispensable in arched sheds and overlappings.

New production - Angle polycarbonate profile

These profiles are intended for coupling angle joints of panels. Angle polycarbonate profiles give aesthetical completion of the structures from multi-wall polycarbonate because they ideally coincide with them in production material and in appearance including color tones. Besides they provide square coupling of rigid sheet materials and are used in producing advertising, demonstrational and exhibition structures. Imperceptible transparent angle profiles are especially popular.

"CADILLAC" polycarbonate cap for aluminium connective profiles

"CADILLAC" polycarbonate profile is specially intended for "SPA-3370" aluminium connective profile used for mounting heated translucent structures from multi-wall polycarbonate sheets with thicknesses 16-25 mm: atriums, winter garden roofs etc. Aluminium profile with "CADILLAC" cap which transparent, contrast in color and correspondent to color of mounted multi-wall polycarbonate looks more attractive than without this cap. But "CADILLAC" provides not only decorative functions: it protects coupling from water penetration, increases profile heat-insulating characteristics owing to low inherent thermal conductivity and forming air layer and if necessary it hides aluminium profiles' joints.

New production - ridged profile for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets with thickness 10 mm

Ridged polycarbonate profile as expected from its name is intended for coupling and protecting multi-wall polycarbonate panels in ridge of translucent roofing structures. This is the new product of the company, which was expected for long time on Russian building market. Of course, when it was not available ridged profile, for metal tile was used. But you should agree that polycarbonate ridge is too much better! It is more convenient for mounting and harmonically completes structure providing for multi-wall polycarbonate panels possibility for free fixation, which are extending and compressing at temperature changes.

End polycarbonate profile for sheets and panels with thicknesses 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 25 mm

End polycarbonate profiles are intended for closing end panel hollows of multi-wall polycarbonate (own profile for each panel thickness!). Protection of the multi-wall polycarbonate ends is the necessary mounting condition for this material. These profiles can be used as edge profile for decorative framing and/or protection of the ordinary glass sharp edges, acryl sheet edges and other sheet plastics, particle board plates and other rigid materials with correspondent thickness.

New production - Wall polycarbonate profile

These profiles are intended for quality and aesthetics assurance of the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets contiguity joint to the wall. At the same time they serve as end profile. Wall profiles are especially actual during translucent screens and sheds construction.

Thermowashers are necessary for point fixation of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets to frame (they provide secure fastening, prevent panel collapse, eliminate unavoidable at self-tapping screw fixation "cold bridges").

Miniwashers are intended for point fixation of thin sheet materials.

"POLYSCREP" connective profile plugs are intended for aesthetical closing of profile ends.

Today needed thickness, transparency degree and color of the multi-wall polycarbonate panel corresponding "PLASTIC-ALYANS" profiles and thermowashers are used for sure and aesthetical mounting of translucent screens, sheds, clerestories, atriums, overlappings for sport buildings, railroad platforms and stations, car parks and gas stations, public transports stops and kiosk roofs, easily mounted swimming pool pavilions, display booths, hothouses and many other structures.

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