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About polycarbonate

Polycarbonate - engineering thermoplastic, polymer material with unique physical-mechanical and optical characteristics.

Quality extrusion and thermoformed products with various designations are made from polycarbonate this is widely used in building, lighting technology, instrument engineering, medicine, aviation, outdoor advertising production etc.

Polycarbonate shock resistance is 250 times more than glass shock resistance and almost 10 times more than plexiglas (acryl) shock resistance.

In sheet polycarbonate technical specifications against "shock resistance" item in "value" position you will most likely find "unbreakable" or "indestructible". And this is really as it is. That is why polycarbonate is used as protective "antivandal" glazing for plains, boats, yachts, motorcycles, trains, public transport, passages on Moscow circle transport road, bus stops and telephone booths, transparent fences in zoos, glazing in waiting rooms, museums etc. Hockey area sides, aerial cable-way cabins, transparent police shields, motorcyclist and fireman visors and protective helmets are made of polycarbonate. Outdoor advertising where more level of material shock resistance is needed also uses polycarbonate (display-letters with internal lightning, volumetric models of advertised product, signboards etc.).

Solid sheets and multi-wall panels from polycarbonate are widely used as translucent coating and for glazing different structures, for clerestories, lighting equipment, partitions production. For mounting them connective, end, angle and ridged polycarbonate profiles are used which are produced by "PLASTIC-ALYANS" company.
Polycarbonate products are highly protected against any form of vandalism.
Polycarbonate has also three indisputable "palms of supremacy":
  • First of all it is the most frost-resisting plastic. It can be used in temperatures up to –50 ° C without load and up to –40 ° C with load including impact load (which is especially important). The second is that polycarbonate is fire-safe because it is hard flammable self-extinguishing material. And the third is that polycarbonate is the most heat-resistant transparent plastic, maximal temperature of its exploitation is +120 ° C.
  • Polycarbonate products can be easily processed. They can be sawed (using hack-saw, band-saw or disk saw), drilled, milled with traditional instruments for wood and metal working.
  • As all plastics polycarbonate comparing to usual glass has low thermal conductivity (0.21 W/m K), thermal protection degree of polycarbonate with thickness 2 mm is the same as thermal protection of usual glass with thickness 10 mm. At the same time its density is 1.2 g/cub. cm which is two times lighter than glass.
Optical transmission of polycarbonate products with wall thickness 3 mm is 89% (the same value as for the usual glass).
When using products and structures from polycarbonate in building for external glazing, lanterns, domes, street lamps, advertising structures you should consider that products for outdoor usage should have ultraviolet protection which ensures protection of all physical-mechanical characteristics, material color and transparency under sun rays effect. If using outdoor polycarbonate products (and also for other materials) you should consider material thermal dilatation. Product dimensional change under temperature change (winter - summer) is 4 mm/p.m with temperature difference 60 ° C (from –30 ° to +30 ° C).

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