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Ridged polycarbonate profile as expected from its name is intended for coupling and protecting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets in ridge of translucent roofing structures.
This is the new product of the company, which was expected for long time on Russian building market. Of course when it was not available ridged profile for metal tile was used. But you should agree that polycarbonate ridge is too much better! It is more convenient for mounting and harmonically completes structure providing for multi-wall polycarbonate possibility for free fixation which are extending and compressing at temperature changes.
Polycarbonate ridged profiles are characterized by characteristics peculiar to this material: lightness, resistance to extreme shocks, moisture resistance, fire safety, low thermal conductivity, frost-resistance.
Profile is adapted for outdoor usage.
Profile name Panel thickness Standard length Standard color
Ridged profile, 8-10 mm 8-10 mm 6000 mm Transparent,
transparent blue,
transparent green,
transparent turquoise,
transparent bronze,
light-diffusing white
  1. Roof ridge shaping from multi-wall polycarbonate sheets fastening it to the structure frame.
  2. Coupling angle joints of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets at angles > 90°.
  3. Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets protection against dust and moisture penetration.
Profile ideally coincide with panels in production material and in appearance including color tones.
Because of this translucent structures with polycarbonate ridged profile are looking more aesthetically.
Installation recommendations:
Profile is tightly pressed on panel upper end. At the same time there must be a gap panel extension 4-5 mm.

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