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Connecting separable profiles "polyscrep"


Connecting polycarbonate profile "POLYSCREP" is intended for mounting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets structures (translucent overlappings, vertical glazing etc.). It provides quick and secure fixation of panels to frame and at the same time it connects them.

Profile description and mounting recommendations:

Profile consists of two parts: lower - "base" and upper - snapping "cap".

For multi-wall polycarbonate sheets connection and anchoring them to frame:

  • Drill holes at interval 300 mm in the "base" (lower profile part) with diameter a bit larger than self-tapping screw diameter, and at the longer joint size the holes should be elongated.
  • Fasten profile "base" to frame with self-tapping screws.
  • From both sides of the "base" lay down panels so that they will lean against "base" and will provide necessary space for panel thermic extension (3-5 mm depending on panel thickness).
  • Install profile "cap" and using wooden hammer "snap" it on the whole profile length connecting it with base.

In "POLYSCREP 6-10 mm" polycarbonate profile there are holders on two levels which allows to connect panels with thickness 6 mm at lower position, and with thickness 8 and 10 mm at upper position.

Profile namePanel thicknessStandard length
POLYSCREP 6-10 mm 6, 8, 10 mm 6000 mm
POLYSCREP 16 mm 16 mm 6000 mm

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  • quick and easy mounting;
  • trouble-free compass roofs creation (profile can be bended according to recommended radiuses for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets);
  • shock resistance, fire safety.

Polycarbonate profiles are impeccably compatible with honeycomb polycarbonate profiles by color and by mechanical characteristics. Multi-wall polycarbonate structure with connective polycarbonate profiles looks solid. Profiles are adapted for outdoor usage.


This profile has two modifications: POLYSCREP 6-10 mm – universal connective profile, suitable for connection of panels with thickness 6 mm at lower fixation and for panels with thicknesses 8 and 10 mm at upper fixation. POLYSCREP 16 mm – profile for connection and fixation of panels with thickness 16 mm.

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