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Connecting nonseparable profiles


Connecting nonseparable (solid) profiles are intended for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting - connecting panels and fixing them to structures. It is significant that for panels with thickness 4 mm only these profiles are produced.

These polycarbonate profiles have H-section that is why they often called "H-profiles". They are produced from polycarbonate granules of world-leading manufacturers.


Profile color spectrum corresponds with multi-wall polycarbonate sheets color spectrum. For panels with different thicknesses profiles with correspondent slots are produced.


  • Nonseparable connecting profiles are mostly used for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets mounting in small structures with short joint length. They are especially popular in seasonal hothouses building.
  • Transparent polycarbonate H-profiles are also used in outdoor advertising and interior structures production for safe and at the same time imperceptible multi-wall polycarbonate sheets connection and other sheet plastics.

Standard color:

  • blue,
  • transparent,
  • green,
  • «turquoise»,
  • «bronze»;
  • light-diffusing white
Polycarbonate profile namePanel thicknessStandard length
Connective nonseparable profile (H-profile), 4-6 mm 4, 4,5, 6 mm 6000 mm
Connective nonseparable profile (H-profile), 8 mm 8 mm 6000 mm
Connective nonseparable profile (H-profile), 10 mm 10 mm 6000 mm

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Mounting recommendations:

Solid connecting polycarbonate profiles fixation to frame is carried out with self-tapping screws with interval about 300 mm and it is advisable to use thermowashers. Отверстия в профилях следует просверлить заранее, диаметр их должен быть на 2-3 мм больше диаметра используемого самореза (или ножки термошайбы).

Holes in profiles should be drilled beforehand with diameter 2-3 mm larger than used self-tapping screw diameter (or thermowasher's leg).

Panel connection is simple. They are simply putted into the profile slots from both sides. Profile bend is in accordance to minimal bend radius of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets with correspondent length.

Because of complete identity of original panel material and profiles combined structures look exclusively harmonious.

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