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Thermowashers, miniwashers

Before thermowashers' appearing on Russian market appropriate washers with 2 cm diameter and rubber gasket were used for point protecting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets fixation to translucent structure frame. They were enough functional but aesthetic appearance was not so good. Besides self-tapping screws installed in interval 25-40 cm are so called "cold bridges" and they reduce covering heat-insulating characteristics. Thermowasher structure eliminates all possible problems of panel point fixation including mentioned problem.

Miniwashers are intended for point fixation with self-tapping screws of thin sheet materials. Miniwasher "leg" isolates self-tapping screw and clamping cap aesthetically closes it. Miniwashers are especially popular for mounting different interior structures from protecting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets and sheet plastics, in manufacturing commercial equipment, display booths etc.

Color spectrum:

  • blue,
  • green,
  • turquoise,
  • bronze
  • opal
NamePanel thicknessStandard color
Thermowasher, 10 mm 10 mm «opal», blue, green, turquoise, bronze
Thermowasher, 16 mm 16 mm «opal», blue, green, turquoise, bronze

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Description and advantages:

What is "thermowasher". Exterior description of thermowasher: "mushroom" with hat diameter 3,3 cm and leg diameter 1.2 cm. Its central axis has a reach-through hole for self-tapping screw with diameter 5 mm. Special cap clamps at the upper side after fastening self-tapping screw and aesthetically closes it. Thus self-tapping screw is fully isolated from environmental activity.

Secure panel fixation. "Hat" diameter is optimal for panels of any thickness (it covers not less than three ridges). Thermowasher guarantees secure panel fixation to panel even under hurricane winds effect. Panel will never "fly away" from fastening (surely if observing other mounting conditions). Panel will not collapse. For panels with different thicknesses use thermowashers with correspondent "leg" length which rest against frame support and thus eliminates panel collapse during self-tapping screw screwing.

Solidity and durability. Thermowashers are produced from special made polyethylene which provides theirs solidity and steadiness against environmental activity.

Hydro thermal protection. The name "thermowasher" itself means that it excludes possible heat loss. Instead of usual rubber gasket thermowasher has sealing hydro thermo protective ring made from special material with close-meshed structure. Thermowasher excludes leakages through panel holes.

Aesthetics. Thermowasher colors are corresponding to most popular colors of panels (opal, bronze etc.) and in ready structures they have a good look.

Mounting recommendations:

For compensating protecting multi-wall polycarbonate sheets thermal dilatation its holes should be 2-3 mm larger than thermowasher's "leg" diameter. Besides when mounting the panels with length more than 6 m holes should be elongated.

Panel holes should be made not less than 4 cm from its edge.

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